Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The problem with promising God you’ll follow Him wherever He leads is that you just might have to go.

When her husband returned from a Church mission trip and disrupted her tidy, middle class afternoon with the conviction they should pack up and move to a Mayan village in Guatemala, Marcia Moston had to wonder–faithful or foolish?

On a journey that leads from the highlands of Guatemala to a small Vermont village, Marcia follows God’s call for her husband even though it seems to conflict with her own dreams, require credentials she lacks, and demands courage she doesn’t feel she has.

Written with humor and insight, Call of a Coward, is a candid account of a modern-day seeker and a very real God who makes cowards courageous, ordinary lives purposeful, and dried up dreams fruitful.

What others are saying about Call of a Coward

“Obedience is not for the faint of heart. In Call of a Coward, Marcia Moston brings us a witty, transparent account of her mental struggles, culture shock, and spiritual challenges of life in the mission field. Call of a Coward is a personal portrait of how a loving God takes the reluctant and transforms them into the reliable.”
Keiki Hendrix, The Vessel Project